Alpha Lipid Ultra Diet 2

Alpha LipidTM Ultra DietTM 2 – Support for normal weight management and meal supplement Key Features: Integral component of the Alpha LipidTM Ultra DietTM 2 weight management programme Provides 40 grams protein per day – up to 66% of daily requirement* Supports blood sugar balance satiety in between regular meals and healthy muscle mass Helps… Continue reading Alpha Lipid Ultra Diet 2

Nutritional Supplements

K-28 Energy Booster

K28 – Energy Booster – Energy Supporting Formula One 420gm can should last you a month. K-28 is an energy supporting formula that provides a balance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to support daily wellbeing. The product is named after our metabolic process called the Krebs Cycle. In 1953, Sir Hans Adolf Krebs received… Continue reading K-28 Energy Booster


Did You have Colostrum in the Right Way?

Originally posted on D. Nature Lab:
What’s the major function of Colostrum? Throughout researches, colostrum has demonstrated its ability of killing bacteria, boosting immunity system, and stimulate tissue repair. Simulating fat utilization and optimizing cellular production would be its minor function. Why Colostrum? What makes it unique? “Researches have found that the molecular combination of…



Cellworx+® – Healthy cellular function Cellworx® is a pleasant tasting liquid spray that contains concentrated levels of small molecular compounds called info-peptides (also called proline-rich polypeptides or PRPs) and sialyl oligosaccharides extracted from colostrum. Key Features: Oral spray for easy, effective dosing Info-peptides support healthy cells PRPs support healthy immune response PRPs and sialyl oligosaccharides support healthy cognition Active… Continue reading Cellworx

Colostrum Products

Alpha Lipid Colostem

Alpha Lipid® Colostem® – Supporting healthy adult stem cells 60 capsules. Take 2 capsules once a day, will last you a month per bottle. Alpha Lipid™ Colostem™ supports the body’s natural cellular repair processes, to support healing and regeneration of tissue from the inside out. Key Features: Alpha Lipid® formulation for absorption and bioavailability Supports adult stem cell function… Continue reading Alpha Lipid Colostem